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Facelift for

I recently updated to the latest version of wordpress mu (2.7) and decided, while I was at it, to update the look and feel as well.  The theme I’m using and plan to heavily customize is called “plaintxtblog”.  In the update process something funky happened with the categories, tags and blogroll; I plan to sort those issues out this weekend.  Thanks for visiting.  Let me know what you think of the new design.  Thanks

Importing large tab-delimited txt files into an Oracle database

Yesterday a co-worker asked me to help load a large tab-delimited txt file into an Oracle database.  The file had 6.5 million rows and eleven columns.  She typically uses TOAD to import data from personal sources like txt files and Excel spreadsheets into disparate databases.  When she tried to use TOAD to import the 6.5 million row file, it failed at around 4 million rows on multiple multi-TB databases.

I used sqlldr to import the file and ran into a few issues along the way so I thought I’d share my experience for a couple reasons: 1) to help me remember what I did, and 2) to help other poor souls who run into problems when faced with similar circumstances.

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USA 3 Trinidad and Tobago 0, 2010 World Cup Qualifier

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On a beautiful spring night in Nashville the US dismantled Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) 3-0 on the strength of three Jozy Altidore goals in front of nearly 28,000 fans–the most ever to witness a soccer match in Tennessee.  The crowd was overwhelmingly pro-American and quite festive.  Though I prefer smaller venues–the atmosphere suffers when there are more empty seats than fans–I could not have asked for a better night and presentation than the one I witnessed at LP Field.

Manager Bob Bradley made four personnel changes and five positional changes to the team that underperformed Saturday in El Salvador.  It is difficult to draw conclusions about the changes because T&T conceded so much time and space.  At one point in the first half Michael Bradley received a pass in the center circle and had nobody within 25 yards of him: with that kind of time and space the US should dominate possession and create many scoring opportunities.  And it did.  But you can’t argue with a 3-0 win.

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