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Browser Wars

I have not settled on a browser.  I use an IBM/Lenovo T41 and a Dell Dimension; both have Windows XP SP3.  Whenever my machine is on, a browser is open with tabs for:

  • VPN to connect to the office network
  • meebo for instant messaging
  • gmail
  • google calendar
  • google reader

I have tried using Internet Explorer 7, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Flock. It is kind of annoying but I don’t mind needing to have two browsers open: IE7 for VPN and then another browser to use for everything else.  Most of the time I just use my laptop as a terminal to get to servers at my office anyway.  What irritates me and leaves me unsettled is the fact that I cannot get a rather ordinary set of sites/services to cooperate in one browser.


  • The VPN client I use for work (Sonicwall Aventail) does not work in Flock or Chrome.
  • The auto-scroll stops working in meebo chat windows in Firefox and Safari (probably Flock too since it is built on Firefox but I have not confirmed).
  • In Chrome, the icon that indicates a refreshing tab is in constant motion on the meebo tab.
  • Chrome crashes too frequently with moderate to heavey use, at least every other day.
  • IE is slower and clunkier than the other browsers in terms of opening tabs and navigating through sites and it is more vulnerable to malware.  It is also uglier.
  • Safari is a memory hog that slows down other applications.
  • The longer Firefox stays open, the slower it gets (memory leak?).
  • Flock’s RSS reader is feature-poor.


    • In Firefox, meebo messages are previewed in the tab header–a very nice feature.
    • Firefox extensions like FireFTP and Twitterfox are very useful.
    • My VPN client is configured for IE.
    • Flock’s integration with social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and youtube make it easier to stay up-to-date with friends.

    Dream Browser
    My dream browser would be as fast as Chrome and as elegant-looking as Safari.  It would not require another open tab for instant messaging but rather would integrate IM like twitterfox integrates twitter into Firefox.  My work’s VPN client would work in it. Its RSS feed reader would have all the rich features of Google’s Reader, but again integrated with the browser rather than requiring an open tab.  It would never crash and not get slower over time.  This, I dream.

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