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USA 2 Mexico 0, 2010 World Cup Qualifier

Me: “Great game guys, we really enjoyed watching you.  Great performance”
Bob: “Thanks, we appreciate your support.  Thank you.”
Jared: “Thanks”
Michael: “Thank you”
Sacha: “Thanks”
Johnny: A nod acknowledging that, though it was cool to run into him, he did not take part in last night’s match so we weren’t really talking to him

On my way home to Atlanta this afternoon I ran into US manager Bob Bradley, his son and last night’s man of the match Michael Bradley, Sacha Kljestan and Johnny Bornstein.  That is how our conversation went.  I noticed Bob and Michael walk into the food court, or food cul-de-sac as my brother Jared called it, as we were finishing our lunch.  We weren’t sure if we wanted to bother them but as I was printing my boarding ticket Jared called me to let me know Sacha was ordering bacon, cheese and ranch covered “Gourmet” Fries and about to join the Bradleys so we decided to walk over say hi and let them know we enjoyed watching them last night.  They were very gracious and receptive.  It was a cool way to cap a quick soccer vacation.
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