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Hello, how did you get here? is purely for my edification and enjoyment.  I do like hearing from people who keep up with the posts.  One friend told me he subscribes to the RSS feed just to stay up-to-date with US soccer scores; he is not interested in reading my analysis but he appreciates that I put the scores in the title.  Friends usually hear about the site from my wife, facebook profile or IM away message.  I enjoy learning about how other people find the site, where they come from, what browser they use, etc.

The two things I find most interesting are where visitors are geographically located and what search terms lead people to Most of the searches are from recruiters looking for data architects/analysts, but people also love a good car crash as evidenced by the different variations of searches looking for bicycle accident photos: bad bycicle accident pictures, bicycle crash photos, photo of cycle accident, photos of mountain biking accidents, mountain bike accident photo

….and graphical analysis of rap music: analysing rap lyrics,rap lyrics analyse, rap lyrics analyzed, rap lyrics and analysis, rap lyrics in graphical form, rap lyrics to do a critical analysis on, cool soccer rap lyrics, graphical interpretation of rap lyrics, graphical rap, graphs rap lyrics, lyrical analysis rap, lyrics analysis rap, soccer rap lyrics

Seemingly irrelevant search terms often amuse me.  Exhibit a: black man growing a beard – don’t think will help that searcher.  Then there was a person using a computer in Mauritius, an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, about 560 miles east of Madagascar, who was certainly disappointed after using the search phrase how do rainbows make life enjoyable and happy and ended up on

Sometimes I feel real pity for searchers, like the people who searched using the phrase my rootcanal is hurt and root canal local ansthesia didn’t work.  Ouch!  Or for those people who are perhaps aspiring to grow an awesome beard like I did and quite possibly are trying to find someone to comiserate with: keep trying ye searchers who googled little beard growing, little beard under lip, and you’ve got beard.  Perhaps the saddest example is the person who searched for unattractive wife–what was that searcher trying to accomplish? Sorry, can’t relate there.

Then there are the searches that are a bit personal and hint at my growing legend: worst passport photo ever and andrew helms kentucky soccer are two such examples.

Nice to see you, glad you found me.

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