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The Dark Knight

Andy Buening, author of the now infamous The Simpsons Movie review, returns with a review of the summer sensation The Dark Knight.  No spoilers included…

Two words: WOW!

Now, if you have been reading my movie reviews on a regular basis you know I’ve been dropping hints at my eager anticipation for this film. Let me say this, it did not disappoint. The Dark Knight opened everywhere July 18th, so this is a late review. Sorry, my press pass never showed up. Damn Joker.

Like a modern rollercoaster The Dark Knight does not need time to go up a hill before it starts to move fast. The film makers shoot you off right from the start. When the ride does slows down you check your pockets to make sure your keys and loose change have not fallen out just as the well-orchestrated ride suddenly pulls you back in the air and you forget about anything in your pocket just to hold on. There was a point at which I thought the movie was ending, thankfully it kept going. The film did not feel nearly as long as its almost 3 hour run time.

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Superliga 2008

Superliga is a tournament contrived by SUM (Soccer United Marketing) for the sole purpose of making money.  It pits the top four Mexican teams from the Apertura against the top four teams from Major League Soccer (MLS) during the MLS regular season, before the Clasura begins.  While the meaning and timing of the tournament can be debated, its quality cannot.  As I wrote last year, the matches are absolutely captivating affairs full of fast-paced, hard-fought football.  The first four matches over the weekend lived up to last year’s standard.  DC United had a pk saved and hit the post twice in a 2-1 loss to Chivas de Guadalajara.  My brother went to the match and said the environment was excellent, lots of fans from both sides having a good time.  My mom, who had watched the match on television, said the Mexicans’ feet are like lightning.  Once DC found a way to get a hold of the ball, they got the upper-hand.  Unfortunately their goalie is terrible and was unable to save an underpaced free kick from 25 yards and their finishing was just off. 

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My itunes balance is $0


David Crowder Band: Double Take, The Velvet Underground & Nico, Sandra McCracken: The Builder & The Architect, George Michael: Ladies & Gentlemen – The Best of George Michael, Coldplay: Viva la Vida, My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges

After an itunes Christmas I was left with a healthy itunes balance.  I made it all the way to June before exhausting the generosity of family and friends.  This post will serve as part review, part confession.  See: Michael, George

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