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USA 0 England 2, International Friendly

Gerrard Scores

Today’s 2-0 loss to England at the new Wembley was a difficult match to watch. It reminded me of the old egg frying commercial: (“This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs”) rather than making a statement about drugs, the lesson learned was about Landon Donovan. This is your team. This is your team without Landon Donovan. There was no real outlet for quick play and fast counterattacks which can do so much to unbalance a team. England was able to congest the midfield and apply high pressure and the midfielders and forwards of the US were unable to absorb the pressure and maintain possession. The quick interchanges that were so successful against Poland, that are the hallmark of Bob Bradley teams were absent for large stretches of the match. The high pressure, up-tempo style was also missing.

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Tyler Cowen: Discover Your Inner Economist

Discover Your Inner EconomistSaturday my wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary by going to Bluepointe, an Asian fusion restaurant in Buckhead.  We thoroughly enjoyed all the best Bluepointe had to offer.  Inspired by advice I read in Tyler Cowen’s book I ordered something I’ve never ordered before: duck.  In his book Discover Your Inner Economist Cowen makes some peculiar suggestions regarding what to order at nice restaurants; he suggests ordering the item on the menu that you are least likely to order.  The general idea is not to order food you will dislike, but to order food that the chef at the particular restaurant where you are dining prepares well and will take care to prepare well.  He implores you to never order chicken: anyone can cook a chicken.  On this first occasion following this advice I was very pleased with the result, a delicious dinner of melt-in-your-mouth duck.  The fact that the duck was served in a Panang curry, my favorite,  made the decision easier to make.  Even with this positive experience behind me I don’t plan on taking much more of the advice that Cowen offers in his glorified self-help book.

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Can’t miss read

I read a fantastic Reuters article that was picked up by one of my favorite online magazines this morning. It just so happens that my lovely wife was interviewed for it.

Desensitization effective for women with metronidazole hypersensitivity

From the article:

“CDC currently recommends either the IV or oral desensitization protocols that are reproduced in the paper,” Donna J. Helms from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia told Reuters Health. “These are both also referenced in the 2006 STD Treatment guidelines (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MMWR 2006;55:No.RR-11:52-53).”

Helms and her colleagues investigated the effectiveness of the metronidazole desensitization protocols as well as the alternatives to nitroimidazoles for the treatment of trichomonas infection in women with suspected metronidazole hypersensitivity.