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Fulhamerica – Eddie Johnson transfers to Fulham


Yesterday news came from London that 23 year old American striker Eddie Johnson signed for Fulham Football Club, a club that has been in the Premiership since 2001 but currently sits in the relegation zone. Johnson joins Americans Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra, Brian McBride and Kasey Keller at the south London club. The heavy American presence has led US soccer fans to start calling the club Fulhamerica. Perhaps even more clever than the US fans is David Lloyd creator of the fanzine There’s Only One F in Fulham which mocks the common mistake of adding a second ‘L’ to the club’s name.

Johnson’s speed adds a dimension to a team that really has no dimensions. Fulham has been absolutely miserable to watch this year. Dempsey is the only player who has proven to be a capable Premiership quality striker…and he is listed as a midfielder. Much of the blame can be placed on recently fired boss Lawrie Sanchez who squandered millions that the ownership made available to him on players who helped him have a successful run with Northern Ireland or who succeeded at lower levels. A devastating injury to club captain McBride did not help matters.

During the January transfer window new manager Roy Hodgson has been active; it’s going to be really interesting to see how he uses Johnson and the cadre of Americans that are at his disposal.

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