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Google Zeitgeist 2007

I really enjoy browsing Google’s annual Zeitgeist lists. What is a Zeitgeist list?  Google’s explanation:

To get a glimpse of what’s been on our collective consciousness, we mined billions of search queries to discover what sorts of things rose to the top. We encourage you to check out our findings to see if you, too, reflect the zeitgeist — the spirit of the times.

With a brief glance at the list, I’m not sure it is obvious what is on our collective consciousness. I was excited because I was not familiar with a few of the terms and thought I was in for a cool, learning experience. The excitement was tempered, however, when I discovered that the 3rd fastest rising term tmz is a website that provides an inside look at the latest celebrity scandals. Blech. So it seems Americans love using the Internets to do four things: the other three are social networking [webkinz, youtube, club penguin, myspace, facebook], learn celebrity gossip [tmz, anna nicole smith] and (window) shop [iphone]. A look at the global list reveals that global googlers have similar interests as there is a lot of crossover in actual terms and content [badoo and hi5 are social networking sites, dailymotion is a youtube competitor].

I’m not very interested in the newsmakers and showbiz segments because they are dominated by gossip although I will point out that each of the television shows in the top 10 are one-term shows [hereoes, lost, house, 24, bones, jericho, reba, scrubs, greek, caveman]. Wow, Reba? My favorite segments are the All the Rage and Top of the Mind segments. Google plots somewhat similar terms on the same group so you can easily compare the popularity of search terms.

My favorite

On the who is list ‘god’ is first, followed by ‘who’, ‘lookup’, ‘jesus’, ‘it’, ‘buckethead’, ‘calling’, ‘keppler’, ‘this’ and ‘satan’. That is kind of comforting.

katie said,

January 3, 2008 @ 11:22 am

That is pretty fascinating, I’ll have to get in on that. FUnny b/c I just subscribed to Yahoo!’s “daily buzz” feed, which seems similar, but the data doesn’t look as interesting as this one.

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