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Friending Strategies

Today Mark Cuban detailed his strategy for maintaining a manageable list of friends on facebook in his blog post My New Facebook Strategy and the FB Power Level. facebook‘s 5000 friend limit strong-armed him into concocting a strategy. Peons like me do not have such problems, but if I did I imagine I would adopt a similar strategy. In paring down his list Cuban decided to keep and accept friends who fall into 3 groups: 1-real friends who he knows, 2-people with common interests or a business connection, and 3-the motivation behind this blog post, the “power layer” which is defined as “people who in whatever industry they are in, retain some level of power.” I left a semi-sarcastic comment saying that a new goal in my life is to make the power layer.

Friending is a topic that is discussed ad nauseum on blogs and in newspapers and magazines. The online space certainly adds a new dimension to relationships.  I’m not so popular in the Robert Scoble, Mark Cuban sense that I have the problem of reaching limits.  I would say that I value quality over quantity but frankly speaking most of my friends are of questionable quality.

katie said,

December 20, 2007 @ 12:42 am


Bips said,

December 20, 2007 @ 9:44 pm

…relatives, too ?

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