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How much would you pay for your favorite album?

Radiohead’s new album In Rainbows will be available October 10. In a not entirely surprising move, unconventional Radiohead decided to let fans decide what to pay for its new album. Partially in response to Radiohead’s announcement, Tech Crunch founder Michael Arrington blogged about the Inevitable March of Recorded Music Towards Free based on economic theory. I’m no Econ scholar (one per family is probably one too many) so I’ll leave that discussion there, but the argument is compelling.

A discussion I’ve had with friends that’s more interesting to me started with the question, how much would you pay for your favorite album? or if it’s a Radiohead album, your favourite album?

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Dashboard Confessional: The Shade of Poison Trees

The Shade of Poison Trees I started listening to Dashboard Confessional (DC) my junior year at the University of Kentucky. The quick-fire, clever, somewhat adolescent lyrics and acoustic guitar-driven songs struck a chord with me. My life wasn’t perfect either and I had my share of issues with the ladies. It’s been five years since I graduated and while I like to think I’ve evolved to the good, good or bad, DC is making the same semi-sad music. I still don’t know what emo is but I’m pretty sure I’m not and DC is.

Even so I still really enjoy listening to this album that has just one song longer than 3 minutes. It seems a little gimmicky at times; when Kanye West hears about the first track, Where’s There’s Gold…(which is followed by ‘there’s a gold-digger’), something may go down. Fever Dreams is a classic, mesmerizing DC song that really highlights Chris Carrabba’s vocal talents. The rest of the album will not disappoint any fans of The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most or A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar.  As for me, I will listen to this album while longing for the day that Chris finds faith and a nice girl and writes a sunny album about the beauty of this mortal coil.

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