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Regina Spektor: Begin to Hope

Begin to HopeOne of the first comments this blog ever received was in response to my post about Corinne Bailey Rae’s self-titled album. Katie said “…my more recent love in a slightly more rock genre is Regina Spektor. she’s got a smoky tone like Corrine, but rocks with it more akin to Fiona Apple.” I had never heard of Spektor at the time. Then I saw she was listed as one of my brother’s favorite artists on his facebook profile. I didn’t act; anyone who knows anything knows it takes three things to force action. This week I heard a Dashboard Confessional cover album and one of the standout tracks on it is Better; after learning that it was a Regina Spektor song I became convinced that it was my destiny to check this lady out.

When I first listened to Begin to Hope I liked it so much because it was refreshing. As I listened to it a few more times, the tracks on the second half of the album especially do remind me of Fiona Apple. Even so, Regina’s approach to her songs is fresh in such a forcefully gentle, playful way that is really engaging. Her lyrics are sometimes simple, sometimes silly. I like the reference to November Rain, that old GNR classic. I read a little bit about Ms Spektor and learned that she is a classically trained Russian pianist. Pretty cool. If I continue to enjoy this album as much as I have the first few days, I may check out her earlier work.

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