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Best News I’ve Heard Today

I don’t think I need many reasons to play as much soccer as possible, but I came across another today from an AP Story.

Study Says Soccer Is Better Than Jogging

A friendly game of soccer, a new study has found, works off more fat and builds up more muscle than jogging. Danish scientists, who conducted their research on 37 men, also found the soccer players felt less tired after exercising than the joggers because they were having more fun.

“Even though the football (soccer) players were untrained, there were periods in the game that were so intense that their cardiovascular was maximally taxed, just like professional football (soccer) players,” said Dr. Peter Krustrup, head of Copenhagen University’s department of exercise and sport sciences, who led the study.

“The soccer players were having more fun, so they were more focused on scoring goals and helping the team, rather than the feeling of strain and muscle pain,” Krustrup said.

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