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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsI thoroughly enjoyed all seven of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books. I was pretty sure that I would somehow learn how the series ended before I read the 7th book because I was in my last week of summer school when the book was released and didn’t plan on starting it until a week after it was released. Before I started reading, my wife and brother had finished the book but I had managed to avoid any spoilers. The day after the book was released I was having lunch with some friends and despite my protestations, one continued to try to talk to my wife about the first 100 pages which he had read. Of course my wife started the book at 5pm Saturday and finished it around 4:30am Sunday morning. So I began reading in earnest the following weekend and….

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Statistics, Motivation, Syndication, Weight Loss and the Like

Statistics courses are probably my least favorite courses. I prefer simple statistics like batting average in baseball, winning percentage in any sport, unique visitors, etc. In high school I was really irritated that I was batting 7th or 8th and asked to bunt a lot on an American Legion team for which I was one of the better hitters. I had mentioned to the coach once or twice that I should move up in the order but he brushed me off. So I asked him if I could borrow the scorebook after a game one night. The next day I handed him my hand-calculated batting averages, slugging percentages, on-base percentages and other various and sundry statistics that supported my case. I was second on the team in average and one of the top three in most offensive categories. What do you know, that night I moved into the 3rd spot and batted either 2nd, 3rd or 5th the rest of the season. Statistics

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McDonogh Boys’ Varsity Soccer Schedule

I created a Google calendar for my brother’s high school’s soccer schedule.  If you use Google Calendar, you can simply click the below button to add the boys’ varsity soccer schedule of McDonogh School to it.  You can also download it in XML, ICAL or HTML format so you can import it into your preferred app. 


The calendar ID is:

View from the Upper Deck

The following post was written by my youngest brother Jared. He is a rising high school junior who plays soccer and tennis and aspires to be a professional comedic writer.

Yankees Suck!Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending the New York Yankees at the Baltimore Orioles baseball game. Always a big to-do here in Baltimore, the Yankee games are some of the few that fill Camden Yards, largely due to the thousands of Yankee fans that turn out. My parents wearing their Orange, and myself in a Yankee hat, I sat down not really caring who won, as long as my favorite player Alex Rodriguez had a good night. With 2 innings left to be played from a previous game, play started soon after we got to our seats. Immediately cheers of “Lets Go Yankees” battled with cheers of “Let’s Go O’s” or Baltimore fans simply yelling “Sucks” after “Yankees.”

As Baltimore fans yelled at Yankee fans “how about that” after about every out or hit, I wondered ‘do the concession stands really have enough alcohol to keep these idiots yelling all game? And if they run out, what will happen?’ So, as the real game started up at around 8 O’ Clock, the stands had filled, pretty close to half O’s half Yank fans, though in my section everyone had some red on their shirts from the nosebleeds caused by the low pressure in the upper {atmosphere} deck (PV = nRT, thanks Mistah Shang!). Read the rest of this entry »

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