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LA 2 DC 0 – Superliga Semifinal

Being a big DC fan, I was really disappointed in tonight’s 2-0 loss in the Superliga semifinals. My disappointment was tempered by Telefutura’s coverage of the match. In a supreme display of machismo, Telefutura shamelessly, gratuitously cut away from game action to show all of the beautiful and quasi-beautiful LA women who attended the match. This angle is way better than ESPN’s Beckham cam, but not the best for those of us interested in the match.

After the match, the sideline reporter attempted to interview Beckham in English and then Beckham kind of said something in Spanish.

Here is the transcript:

Telefutura: Hi David, nice to see you again. With the sale of the house, you are not, your first goal in the MLS in the Superliga with the free kick.

Beckham: Yeah, um, it was, um, it was nice to get the result. Tonight, you know, it was not just about my goal or Landon’s goal…the team performance was exceptional. We worked hard as a team. We played hard as a team. We won as a team. So tonight is more pleasing with the performance.

Telefutura: David, how do you feel about the most famous left ankle in the world? One month everyone was waiting this moment.

Beckham: blah blah blah

Telefutura: Today the first night of everything…your first game in the beginning, your first yellow card, your first goal, your first pass the ball, what more do you like to do here?

Beckham: blah blah blah

Telefutura: Thank you and finally you can say something in Spanish to the people seeing in Spanish in Telefutura.

Beckham: Gracias…eh eh, esta noche muy muy contento.

Telefutura: Thank you David.

Yes, thank you David for making me laugh after watching an uneven match that included many opportunities for DC to score but also many terrible decisions and passes and worst of all goalkeeping. You can watch a video of LA’s first goal here; it was a trademark Beckham free kick. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Perkins wanted to concede the goal because like the Telefutura reporter said “one month everyone waiting this moment”. Why have a wall if you are going to guess on the shot and leave an entire side of the goal empty? For my money, Perkins is one of the most overrated goalies in MLS. How he gets called into national camps over guys like Joe Cannon, who made several outstanding saves tonight, is beyond me. Perkins had a nightmare during the Champions’ Cup during DC’s pre-season in Guadalajara and has not recovered; he makes at least one terrible decision or mistake in every game.

The second goal was nicely taken by LA, but could have been prevented by the most average left back. Sadly Gros, who played LB the 2nd half, was better than DC’s 1st half LB Greg Vanney. Standing on the last line of defense 45 yards from goal Gros decided to try a no-look- back-heel to stop the ball from reaching the onrushing Landon Donovan, possibly the league’s most dangerous player in that position. Suffice to say, it didn’t work and after some direct running Donovan’s shot deflected in off of McTavish who had made a nice recovery run to even get in the way of Donovan’s shot. McTavish probably should’ve gone sliding in, but you can’t fault the guy for effort. From there DC chased the game and the all-important first goal never came.

Nobody from DC stood out. Carroll was awful in the midfield, giving the ball away way too easily and coming up 2nd best in 60/40 tackles. Olsen was ineffective as were 2nd half subs Gomez and Kpene. Moreno held possession well, but never was connected with his fellow attackers. As poorly as DC played, it was only the heroic fingertips of Joe Cannon that kept Emilio and Moreno out of the goal and his team in the lead. Well done, Bazooka Joe. Good luck in the final against Mexican side Pachuca. I’ll be pulling for LA for sure.

There is no rest for the weary as DC has MLS matches Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday. Maybe the quick turnaround will prevent any hangover from this match. I sure hope so. I’ll root for these players and this team ’til the end.

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