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Information Overload:622 Feeds a Day?

Robert Scoble is one of the most famous bloggers in the world. There is a cool video of him on google’s official blog that details how he reviews 622 feeds regularly. Like me, his preferred RSS reader is Google Reader. Check it out.

I was really shocked when Scoble said he only checks the feeds once or twice a day. I only subscribe to about 20 feeds and I check the Reader compulsively to keep up, probably once every half hour. In addition to the personal blogs of friends that I subscribe to, I pull in feeds from:

I also use the aggregated feeds of Google News and Techmeme. So there is a lot to keep up with and I am adding more every day. For instance, I just added the NYT Goal blog today after my wife sent me a link to Jozy Altidore’s latest blog.

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