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Shared Responsibility, Human Bridges

In my July 12 post about Lawrence Wallack’s article Retelling the American Story, I wrote about the terms WITT (we’re in this together) and YOYO (you’re on your own).  In order for the collective decisions of the US to be guided by WITT values, Wallack says we “need more stories that articulate the values of shared responsibility, obligation to the local and global community, civic participation, and an appropriate helping-hand for government”.  I came across one such story this morning and shared it on my shared items page, but wanted to call more attention to it because of its positive message and tie-in to the earlier post.

Minneapolis shows why it’s rated No. 1 in volunteerism

Woven throughout the reflections offered over the past week during church services, rallies, and by onlookers on the riverbanks, has been the metaphor of rebuilding “human bridges.””We need bridges between people,” says Kathy Hintz, explaining why she came out for a prayer vigil held Sunday night. “We have to trust each other because other people made these cars and these bridges. It’s pretty amazing that anything works as well as it does. And if you can’t trust each other, you can’t have a community.”

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