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The Simpsons Movie

Here is the first of what I hope will be many posts written by a guest blogger. Today’s blogger is Simpsons’ fanatic, new father, Glenelg and Mt St Mary’s alum, all-around good guy Andy Buening.

My wife and I have had this date marked on the calendar for three months. The marketing for this film has been less than I would have expected, virtually nonexistent. Nevertheless, we knew we had to be at the theater early. Little did we know it would not matter how early we got there, thank you fandango, the movie was sold out. Alas, you will have to wait ’til next week to read my review of Who’s Your Caddy?. Since The Simpsons Movie was playing on multiple screens, whatever time you got to the theater the film was playing within a half an hour of your arrival.

This is a late review, The Simpsons Movie came out on Friday. My ticket to the press screening must have gotten lost in the mail, I did just move three years ago. The premiere was in Springfield, Vermont, I’ve never been there, it would have been nice. I had to watch the film with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bagofdounuts from Wilmington, Delaware. Anyway, the film got off to a great start, there was a teaser trailer for The Dark Knight aka Batman Begins 2. As for the main feature, it starts strong in its own merit. America’s favorite animated dim-witted father (I had to put ‘animated’ in there so my daughter Emma would stop arguing with me) gave a tone-setting hilarious line even before the title sequence. The laughs continued throughout the movie and into the credits. I feel the need to tell you that this review is a little biased, I’ve seen every episode and have all available seasons on DVD. Although, not biased enough to make the almost four hour drive to the closest 7-11 turned Kwik-E-Mart. To be honest I did not expect this movie to be as good as it was. The last few seasons on the small screen have been sub-par at best.

I am pleased to say that this film is season 8 and season 9 caliber. The writers do a great job of balancing the act of making fun of themselves with the inside jokes that no one would get except for those who worked on the movie. There are plenty of subtle treats for those who are familiar with the series. You may hear folks who say this is just a long episode of the show. This is not the case for two reasons. First, the animation is more crisp and vibrant. Now I know that the early seasons differ greatly in visual quality from the later seasons. As far as visually this would be a four part episode in the 23 rd season. But the second reason this could not be on network is because of the fleeting frontal nudity and explicit hand gestures. Writers can get away with a lot more on the big screen. The Simpsons Movie is large in scale and delivers on all fronts, it rewards loyal fans and satisfies those who tag along. The one bit of criticism I have for the film is minor, in fact, if you have not seen the season 8 episode You Only Move Twice it does not matter. Guest voice Albert Brooks in the show is a super nice evil millionaire intent on ruling the world, I liked him in that role. For the movie, A. Brooks plays a not so nice evil EPA director who is intent on destroying Springfield. Every time he said a line, I was thinking about the Hank Scorpio character from the television show. Brooks has a very distinctive voice. Other than that, It was an outstanding movie based on an extraordinary television series.

My rating scale is a little different. From awful to the cream of the crop.
– I’m glad I had nothing to do with this movie.
– Stagehand – my name may come up in the credits, but well after everyone left.
– Actor – I’m just told what to do, If I had a say, I would have changed some things.
– Producer – great movie, oversaw production and had my hand in the mix.
– Director – excellent in every way, would not change a thing.
This movie gets a ‘Producer’ score. For those Ned Flanders out there, this film go an A-III from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. This means the film is not considered morally offensive. Also, for those of you waiting for my review of Who’s Your Caddy?, I wouldn’t hold your breath because you’d die. Lastly, the tenth season of The Simpsons will be out on DVD August 7 th …just in time for Drew’s check to me for this review to clear. » The Dark Knight said,

July 21, 2008 @ 8:18 am

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