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MLS All-Stars 2 Celtic FC 0: Find us a challenge

In four all-star matches against some of the world’s best club teams the MLS all-stars have hardly been challenged. Last night’s 2-0 drubbing of Celtic FC should have come as no surprise. Prior victims are Chelsea (1-0), Fulham (4-1) and Chivas de Guadalajara (3-1). The game is getting boring. Sure it’s fun to watch our league’s best players ping the ball around while some of “Europe’s best” can only run around like a dog chasing its tail. But it gets old. Yeah, it’s fun to prove over and over that the top players in our league can compete with the top players from Scotland, England, and Mexico. Enough is enough. Unless an international team like Brazil, Italy, or Argentina is available (maybe France on a good day) , I say cancel the game. These affairs are too one-sided.

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