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Dane Cook: Vicious Circle

Vicious CircleThere’s no denying that Dane Cook is one funny dude. Before the act even started he got my respect for standing on a circular stage in the middle of his 18,000-strong Boston audience with just a microphone and his wit to entertain. For the most part of two hours he had me laughing and/or shaking my head in disbelief. What I enjoyed most were his moments of original goofiness like when he said “What drives me bananasandwhich” or when he used the word snarky and then immediately defended it as a viable word and told his audience to google it.

As funny and clever as Cook is, this is not a show to watch with your parents or in-laws or anyone uncomfortable with vile language and overtly sexual conversation. If you caught him on SNL, you know he has the ability to tone it down and still deliver (one of his joke’s was the inspiration of my brother-in-law’s fantasy football team named the Cashew Slingers).

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