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Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion

I bought this album a couple of months ago because the album’s title is a play on the title of David Gray’s latest album, Life in Slow Motion, which is one of my favorite albums of the last two years and it showed up in the “recommended” section of my itunes store. A stupid reason to buy an album, I know. Before making the purchase, I did read enough about Mika to be intrigued by his background (Lebanon-born, London-based) and I previewed his tracks for the gracious 30 seconds itunes allows. What I like about the album is that Mika uses his voice interestingly: not always good, but almost always interesting. It is almost like another instrument. I’m a big fan of interesting vocals: Raine Meida (Our Lady Peace) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead) come to mind. The lyrics sometimes get silly and sometimes Mika sounds a little too much like Freddie Mercury, but the tunes are very catchy and the album has a fun tone: I’m glad I bought it.

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