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V for Vendetta

I had little to no interest in watching this movie. Donna recorded it and recommended I give it a shot and I’m glad I did. I’m a sucker for Shakespearesque soliloquies and this 1984 meets Count of Monte Cristo meets Phantom of the Opera flick had just enough of them so it stayed on the right side of the cornball line. The less than original premise could be forgiven because of the engaging and thought-provoking plot that had the hero V seeking vengeance on a totalitarian Great Britain.

As is expected, Natalie Portman and Elrond (Hugo Weaving) both put in excellent performances. Check it out if you have the chance. » Four Brothers and Mystic River said,

October 9, 2007 @ 9:46 am

[…] and can think of dozens of similar movies  or books like The Count of Monte Cristo, Sleepers and V for Vendetta that I equally enjoyed is revealing.  I want swift, sweet justice and it is nice to see it exacted […]

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